Q: What do I want to accomplish?

We want to help you to connect with those resources that will assist, facilitate and accelerate your life, family, ministry and vision to change your world for Christ.

Q: How can Bridge Networks help me to get there?

We can connect and help you if you share some information with us (there is no cost to sharing the information, and we keep your information confidential):

1. Please fill out the form so we can contact you.
2. Choose as many areas in which you need information or help (restore, revitalize, resource, reach).
3. When contacted, please respond in a timely manner so we may work with your schedule and help get prayer and fasting, information, resources, personnel aligned with you and where God is taking you.
4. Bridge Networks is designed to help take you from where you are over the “bridge” to where God wants you to be (Job 11:16)
5. Expectation: We are here for you. Expect to be restored, revitalized, referred to resources and your capacity to reach your world increased.

Bridge Networks Service and Connection Request

Please fill out and submit your information in the form below, and a Bridge Networks rep will be in touch with you within 1 business day.

(For Quick Connect or simple question, please call 313.319.2183; or email: [email protected])

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 Restore Revitalize Resource Reach

Please provide as much detail as possible to help us direct you to the resources available in the needed areas below.

Restore: Get prayer, rest, counsel on family, love, stability and strength and connection

Revitalize: Get prophetic and marketplace counsel for home, vision, ministry to your city & world

Resource: Get sources for training, leadership, money, buildings, equipment, staff

Reach: Get focused on proven, effective, additional, new and technologically evolving tools to reach your world for Christ